Winchester - 307 Win - 180 Gr - Super-X - Power Point - 20ct - X3076

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The Winchester Super-X Centerfire Rifle ammunition is a fantastic high velocity hunting round that has been providing superior accuracy, maximum energy on impact and controlled expansion with devastating terminal ballistics for over 100 years. Winchester stands alone atop a very competitive field with a commitment to quality that has been producing some of the most technologically advanced ammo in the industry. 
Super-X Power-Point ammo features a unique bullet design with a notched jacket and a soft nose that delivers maximum energy on target. The exposed soft nose combine with the strategically placed notches around the jacket mouth provide fantastic performance and ensure massive energy release with uniform expansion. This translates into exceptional terminal performance and more success in the field. Improve your hunt and fill your freezer with Winchester Super-X! 

Winchester USA Super-X X3076
.307 Winchester 
180 Grain 
Super-X Power Point, Soft Point Bullet
Reloadable Brass Case
Muzzle Velocity: 2510 fps 
Velocity at 100 yards 2179 fps 
Velocity at 300 yards 1599 fps 
Velocity at 500 yards 1177 fps 
Muzzle Energy: 2518 ft/lbs 
Energy at 100 yards 1897 ft/lbs
Energy at 300 yards 1022 ft/lbs
Energy at 500 yards 554 ft/lbs
Uses: Deer Hunting and Medium Sized Game Hunting